Monthly Archives: October 2009

Terrain Features, Part II

Was in the middle of a post on Multiclassing/Hybrid mechanics and thought of some more terrain effects. Some of these terrain effects can get pretty complicated, and in general are things that on the fly I’d only normally think of if a player brought them to my attention. Not wanting […]

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Savage Encounters Preview

I’d be a bit more surprised/excited about previews for the newest DDM set if DDM Spoilers hadnt spoiled it quite some time ago. Like, awhile ago. I forgot how long they’ve had images of every damned mini on their site. Hell, they’ve got some theories for the next one if […]

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Wizard Essentials

I’m a big fan of the wizard class, even if mostly in theory. My only stint with 4E wizards was a fire-themed tiefling summoner in a short-lived Scales of War campaign. I enjoyed the fact that I could specialize in a specific energy without gimping myself in case we ran […]

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Den of the Slave Takers Review

The second adventure for Chaos Scar is out. The backstory to Den of the Slavetakers is pretty confusing: you have gnoll slaver(s) that are actually using their slaves for “death rituals” whatever a botched witherling is instead of selling them, a halfling packing a meteor shard that is using it […]

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Failed Perceptions 2

And its time for another issue of Failed Perceptions. This one was done for Wyatt, who specially requested this power. I was happy with the first panel, but then due to time constraints had to gradually rush through the last two. As a disclaimer, I think I’m pretty good at […]

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Dragon Age: Origins Character Builder

If you absolutely cannot wait until the game launches, you can fritter away your precious time by making characters. Not sure if characters made with the program can be ported into the actual game when/if you get it. If so, its not a complete waste of time. I spent about […]

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