Monthly Archives: March 2010

Harrowing Halls Review

Just picked up a set of Harrowing Halls yesterday, and had time to punch ’em out and see what this whole 3D business was all about. The tiles themselves are mostly wooden textures, suited for interior mapping. This is good because as it stands, there really isnt enough to do […]

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Player’s Handbook 3 Lite Review

Between God of War 3, finals, and a full-time job toiling it what is the food industry’s equivalent to purgatory, I had almost resigned myself to not even bothering talking about PH3 given that its pretty much a no fucking DUH that I’m going to like it. In short, PH3 […]

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Winning Races: Warforged

This is a very small article that adds an alchemical theme to warforged in the form of a couple feats and four attachable magic items. Its got some interesting-if-brief exposition along with a few backgrounds to provide a foundation as to why you’ve got a bunch of vials and shit […]

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Class Acts: Fighters

Shield fighters just got a looot more interesting. For starters, they get 13 new exploits that all demand the use of a shield. Each attack is basically a shield slam in various flavors, often invoking some form of forced movement, but there is a healthy variety of interrupt and reaction […]

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Review: Dead by Dawn

Another Chaos Scar adventure by Aeryn “Blackdirge” Rudel? Shit yes. Dead By Dawn is intended for level 2 characters, and is (according to Aeryn‘s Facebook page) written as an homage to both Evil Dead and Night of the Living Dead. Like Penny Arcade the difference between an homage and derivative, […]

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Class Acts: Wizards

This wizards Class Act focuses entirely on summons–of the elemental/demon variety–adding fourteen to the roster in addition to a pair of new mechanics called intrinsic nature and symbiosis. Intrinsic nature is basically instinctive effect by another name, telling you what your summon does on your turn if you dont tell […]

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