Monthly Archives: April 2010

The Deck of Many Things

I’ve never had the misfortune chance to use a deck of many things on either side of the screen, though I have to say that as a DM its something that falls into the category of, “Very likely to break your game: do NOT fucking use.” I’m a fan of a […]

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Three-Dragon Ante Review

Me: Oooh, the Three-Dragon Ante expansion/stand-alone thingy is out! Everyone Else: What the fuck is Three-Dragon Ante? Three-Dragon Ante is one of a few attempts by WotC to invent card games that can be played independently of Dungeons & Dragons while at the same time being games that could feasibly exist in that world. […]

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Shazbot’s Review of Clash of the Titans

For many of us Dungeons & Dragons fans, the 1981 film Clash of the Titans is a seminal work that has inspired our games for years, even with such glaring warts as the cheesy dialogue, stiff looking Ray Harryhausen animation and stupid clockwork owl, the original film remains a classic […]

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