Monthly Archives: June 2010

D&D And Content Creep

Donny the DM asks, “Is 4E beginning to creep too much?“, by which he means if you think that 4E is coming out with too much content, too quickly. Thinking several years back, I want to say that its about the same. I seem to recall 3rd Edition books coming […]

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Bloodlines of Arkhosia: Dragonfear

So now dragonborn can swap out dragon breath for dragonfear, and I guess losing the ability to belch out a gout of elemental energy somehow makes you more intimidating? To be fair, I can see where they’re going with this: get rid of one draconic quality and exchange it for another, and […]

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Monster Manual 3 Lite Review

Monster Manual 3 is purported to have, “over 200 monsters,” but I’m not about to count the index or glossary to confirm this. There’s a lot of monsters, and book supports the entire range of monster levels, so like past books its good no matter what tier(s) your characters populate. Some are classics, […]

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Shardpit Garrison Map

Oh, castles, keeps, forts, etc…the bane of my existence. Since Shardpit is at the ass-crack of nowhere, I figured that House Tharashk wasn’t given much of a budget, even for a dragonshard operation. The garrison isn’t too big (can “reasonably” house 34 soldiers, two to a room), but the townsfolk are […]

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