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Ravenloft Board Game Review

It’s late, but I finally managed to snag it a day before its new release date. Ravenloft in its board game incarnation seems to be a rules-lite D&D-ized variant on Descent/Arkham Horror: you tour around a randomized dungeon layout killing monsters while trying to achieve one of many objectives, such as […]

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D&D Starter Set Review

“Red Box”, “Essentials”, whatever. The point is that thanks to Shazbot’s tip I was able to get ahold of this $20 gateway drug well ahead of time. The Starter Set (as it’s officially labeled) comes with a book for players, a book for DMs, several sheets of power/magic item cards that […]

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Magic Item Rarity

4th Edition has spoiled us in terms of magic items. I remember in a 2nd Edition game where the first item I got was at level 2, and it was a +1 two-handed sword (+2 vs. undead). How did I get it? Well, another player playing a thief climbed up […]

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Slaves of Athas

Slaves of Athas is a Dark Sun article that adds the escaped slave theme (martial striker) that includes eight exploits, the freedom fighter paragon path, and three feats. Taking the theme grants you free training in Bluff and hidden strike, an exploit that lets you make a Bluff check after hitting someone […]

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Winning Races: Eladrin

Beyond the Spiral Tower is a four-page article that provides a quartet of feats for unorthodox eladrin that want more support for arcane classes that aren’t wizard–specifically artificers and warlocks–since as it stands they have two feats for artificers and jack shit for warlocks (note that I’m only counting heroic feats […]

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The Shivs of Sorcery

4th Edition has gone a long way to make wizards and sorcerers into distinct classes. Aside from vastly differing class features and spells (you know, the entirety of the class), sorcerers can also use daggers as spell implements, and this Class Acts article expands its utility by providing spells that require […]

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