Monthly Archives: September 2010

Staffs & Spells

There’s some more Essentials support in the form of staff-fighting options and another mage school specialization. Starting with staffs, the article comes in two parts. The first allows knights and slayers to pick non-parallel alternative class features in order to make the quarterstaff a viable choice, in case that’s something […]

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Executioner Assassin Playtest

Depending on where you live and how much you care, Essentials has either been out for a week, or you’re still waiting on it. Regardless, it’s already got quite a hefty content delivery with a full-blown 30-level playtest class, the executioner. Though cited in Heroes of the Fallen Lands as […]

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Desperate & Delusional?

As per usual people are upset at how Wizards of the Coast is marketing their Essentials lineup, with the majority shares of animosity directed at their “desperate retro labeling” in hopes that lapsed and butthurt edition diehards clinging to their outdated, out of print games will rejoin our ranks. ‘Cause, […]

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