Monthly Archives: October 2010

An Honest Answer

Though I am loathe to link to anything from the “old school” crowd, I’m sure that anyone “in the know” will be able to divine the origins of the query, which ponders the longevity of the fourth iteration of Dungeons & Dragons. In other words, will people still be playing […]

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Earth, Horses, and Monkies

The earth domain gives warpriests a third option that emphasizes protecting allies and applying your Constitution modifier to kicker effects, such as bonus damage and forced movement. It runs the entire thirty level stretch, but seems somewhat limited in scope, since there aren’t a lot of gods that involve themselves […]

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Gamma World Report

I ran a short session of Gamma World for the first time last night with Josh and Liz. Josh rolled a speedster/seismic that he called Rockslide, while Liz played a felinoid/hypercog that she simply named Jingle. Following some advice from the book, I placed the adventure in my local area […]

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Gamma World: 50 Mutations

While working on a Gamma World adventure, I decided to write up a list of 50 mutations to make things easier for me. One or both hands have six fingers Wolfoid Body covered in fur Pair of goat-horns Buffaloid (could also be a cow or bull) Webbed fingers (and/or feet) […]

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