Monthly Archives: November 2010

Virtual Table Overview

After uninstalling and reinstalling Java 6, I finally managed to get Virtual Table to load. I’ve never used other online mapping tools before (or really played online), so while I can’t make a comparison I can go over what I like/don’t like about it. Before I go on please understand that […]

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Random Character Flops

Almost two years ago, back when Dungeon Delve was released, a then friend of mine wanted to try running the level 30 delve to see what end-game was all about. I can’t remember if the offline Character Builder was out of Beta at this time, but after spending an hour or […]

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Class Acts: The Lady’s Gift

If there’s one thing Dungeons & Dragons was missing, it would be a system of magic based around strange women lyin’ in ponds distributin’ magic swords. Thankfully, that’s been addressed. Like the star pact hexblade article, the new crunch is restricted to levels where you don’t normally get to choose. There’s […]

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D&D Comic

I’m not exactly a comic book fan. Yeah, I’ve got the entire run of Hellboy, BPRD, Bone, and a smattering of other titles, but those are exceptional cases as I prefer web comics to their dead-tree counterparts. Also, I don’t like most D&D novels because too often I find the plot, characters, […]

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