Monthly Archives: December 2010

Assassin: Executioner

The finalized, non-accidental executioner class is available for download. Having read over the class for like the third time I think, my original opinion still stands: I like it a lot more than the shadow-only assassin. This is based on the fact that when I compare them side by side, the […]

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Interactive Gamma World Character Sheet

Though Gamma World lacks its own Character Builder, you can make a character online via this interactive character sheet–with no subscription required. You can randomly generate everything about the character that you’d expect, though there are drop-down menus if you want to choose your options manually. The only glitch I noticed was […]

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Dragon: To Live Defeated

Virtually every combat scenario–and more than a few non-combat ones–traditionally ends when the heroes having beaten all the hit points out of their foes. Sometimes the players don’t want to kill an opponent for one reason or other: it might be a guard just “doing his job”, an innocent citizen acting […]

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A New Age

One of the players in my Tuesday group decided to hang up his dice due to burn out. Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking for another player before I start running Age of Worms, converted to 4th Edition. I had quite a few adventures written up for my […]

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Mark of Nerath Review

I’d sworn that I’d posted a review of Mark of Nerath, but then I realized that I’d used it as an example of a terrible product in my Business class. When it comes to buying Dungeons & Dragons novels I’m always hesitant unless they’re written by Don Bassingthwaite (whose name I can […]

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