Monthly Archives: January 2011

Empathic Champions

Empathic Champions is all about allowing your ardent to dabble into disciplines that lead by reading the minds of your enemies. There’s no new class features here, just a handful of new powers that you can cherry pick from, along with some flavor/role-playing tips and other thematically appropriate recommendations from […]

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Character Generation

This is a nice frame to work with if you are teaching D&D to complete RPG newbies: essentially, you take the character creation process and break it down into a series of generalized questions to help a player arrive at a character that–more or less–fits what they are looking for. Though […]

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Unearthed Arcana: Strongholds

I own a copy of Stronghold Builders Guide, a book with a very narrow focus of helping you price and construct castles, keeps, towers, etc. The book is also very meticulous about materials, using magic to speed up the process, location (for materials), and magical capabilities, if any (such as […]

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Off the Sheet

In my Age of Worms campaign, a buddy of mine decided to make a tempest fighter that wields two whips, wears light armor, and hunts undead. The idea was that he wanted to be able to trip things a lot, having made a similar character in 3rd Edition. Fortunately in 4E […]

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Icy Winds of Fortune

Icy winds of fortune indeed…ugh. A quick summary of this month’s Ampersand article: There’s a new D&D movie coming out that you already knew about, The Book of Vile Darkness. The new Dungeon Tile set that you already knew about is coming out this month (or might already be out). Blah […]

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