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Battle Cleric Options

Courtesy of Mearls, there’s now additional options for Strength-based clerics to the tune of a variant class feature, variant Channel Divinity power, and sixteen at-will and encounter attacks ranging from levels 1-27. This is a hefty addition, and I’ll need to let my Saturday game’s dwarf cleric player do some retraining […]

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Conquest of Nerath Review

Conquest of Nerath is WotC’s latest board game that takes a departure from their previous cooperation adventure games, instead pitting sometimes allied groups of 2-4 players against each other as they wage war across the implied setting. My previous experience with strategy board games is limited to basically, “that one time I […]

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Legends & Lore: The Core of D&D

In this week’s Legend & Lore column, Mearls begins by submitting that in the early editions of Dungeons & Dragons it was easier for DM’s to modify the rules: one might just make shit up on the fly, while another might put a lot of time and effort into reaching […]

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Legend & Lore: The Many Faces of D&D

Mearls is of the belief that D&D is at its best when it manages to cater to as many styles of play as possible. While trying to please as many players as possible is a noble design goal, I find that games that try to be many things at once […]

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Monster Vault: Threats of the Nentir Vale Review

Packaged in a paper sleeve, Threats of the Nentir Vale includes a 129-page soft-cover book that abides by traditional dimensions of Monster Manuals past, eight sheets of monster tokens, and a poster map that gets referenced in some of the monster entries. Unlike other monster supplements, this book provides regional content for the Nentir […]

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My Ideal Digital D&D

These pregens were WAY cooler,back in the day. In the wake of Daggerdale’s disappointment, I decided to write up a list of stuff I’d like to see–and not see–in a digital game adaptation of D&D. GENREPersonally I prefer an action-role playing hybrid like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, but even action games […]

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