Monthly Archives: August 2011

Making Race Count

The first in hopefully many articles brings power support for dwarves, half-elves, halflings, and humans. In 4th Edition race became a much more meaningful choice due to the feat support and race-specific paragon paths, and adding powers to the mix (especially in light of the vryloka and shade) is a natural […]

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Gearing up for Lair Assault

In less than a week DMs will be able to start running Lair Assault at their local stores, starting with Forge of the Dawn Titan. On the off chance you are not familiar with it, a Lair Assault event is like a sessionf of D&D Encounters cranked up to 11; […]

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The Gauntlgrym Gambit Review

Adventures that I actually like in Dungeon are few and far between, and I honestly was not expecting anything good this month. Thankfully Daniel Marthalar stepped up to the plate with The Gauntylgrym Gambit, a low-level adventure in which the heroes discover that the Ashmadai–a cult that worships Asmodeus–have potentially found a way […]

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Excerpt: New Armor

I just got around to posting about the weapon excerpt today, and we are already at new armor. You will need to actually scope out the pdf preview to get any hard mechanics, which includes full stats for all the suits of armor that were still “missing” (well, except for […]

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Excerpt: New Weapons

In addition to magic items it looks like feats are also on the menu at Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Emporium. Though we get a dozen names, only two of the “strike specialization” feats are actually shown, which let you reduce bonus damage from power strike in order to lump on some other benefit […]

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