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Dragon’s-Eye View: Appropriate Armor

I chose “whatever he or she wants”. While I get that the traditional wizard or sorcerer is often seen wearing something between a robe and a bikini, it really should depend on a combination of the race, culture, location, and character’s preference. A wizard in the jungle probably won’t be wearing […]

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A Sundered World: Episode 107

Cast Iron Jack (male human Essentialized-warlord) Danh (male goliath serpent shaman) Lothelle (female moon-pie elf bladesinger) Continuing their trek up the mountain, the characters find the stairs barred by what looks like a massive collapsed pillar. There is a fortification build into the mountain, which they ignore while trying to […]

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Sneak Attack & Backstab

Let anyone trade an “attack advantage” for extra damage dice? I can dig it. It gives players with high attack bonuses and/or re-rolls something else to play with, at the least. What about sacrificing multiple advantages for a greater damage bonus? For example if combat advantage is worth +1d6, could prone and […]

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Rule-of-Three: 03/27/2012

So it looks like character progression is regressing back to 3rd Edition, which conceptually I actually have no problem with. Conceptually. I prefer the concept and execution of 4th Edition’s multiclassing mechanics because it seemed a lot more “realistic” in that you did not spontaneously gain a working knowledge of a […]

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Fighting The Good Fight

Fighters are a tricky business. I remember in older editions (ie, 2nd and 3rd Edition) it was the go-to class for the new guy, a kind of simplistic training-wheels archetype that let you get your game on and pick up the rules as you go. 4th Edition gave it a […]

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D&D Next: The Iconic Cleric

Personally when I think of cleric I tend to almost reflexively envision an armored spellcaster, often with a holy symbol, and a lot of the time channeling divine energy as undead flee and/or disintegrate. Really though I think that a cleric class could have enough flexibility to wear heavy armor […]

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