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December Playtest Packet: A Closer Look

So I am rolling up a trio of 14th-level characters–a halfling fighter, human rogue, dwarf monk, and maybe an elf cleric–for the Mud Sorcerer’s Tomb run that we will be doing over the weekend. Previous stress-tests managed to keep characters, even wizards, on one page, and I was surprised that so […]

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December Playtest Impressions

And the level cap goes up to 20, along with spells and monsters to support it. Other changes include more classes with martial damage dice (formerly expertise dice) and a passive damage bonus, rogues no longer have maneuvers (instead gaining skill tricks), cantrips are now always at-will (as opposed to […]

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D&D Next Q&A: Racial Mods, Clerics, & Monsters

Rodney talks racial ability score penalties (specifically, the lack thereof), unarmored clerics, and the creative and balancing process behind monsters. Ability Score PenaltiesI was really happy that 4th Edition did away with pointless racial penalties, which resulted in a lot of interesting and–perhaps more importantly–effective race and class combinations. I […]

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A Sundered Dungeon World

Almost a year ago I decided to run a Dungeons & Dragons campaign using a setting and approach that I was not familiar with. The setting was 4th Edition’s “implied setting” with a twist: rocks fell, everyone died. In other words the gods and primordials, each desperate to come out […]

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Legends & Lore: Chaotic Magical

Today’s Legends & Lore post is a cornucopia of awesome concerning alignment and spells. AlignmentAlignment as an option? Yes, please. Alignment as an option, that if entirely cut out, does not break a class/require lots of houseruling to make it work/negates one or more meaningful class features? Hell yes. Interesting direction to […]

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