Monthly Archives: January 2013

D&D Next: Barbarian

Clarifications are all well and good, changes to spell durations perhaps less so, and conversion notes for a D&D Encounters adventure are nice if you happen to have it (though personally I feel that I put way more effort into my adventure conversion), but really the big thing about this playtest packet is the […]

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Wandering Monsters: Flying in Style

Where past weeks grouped up monsters by type—fey, goblinoids, dragons, angels, etc—this week’s theme is flying critters, specifically griffons, hippogriffs, pegasi, wyverns, and rocs. Regular flight is a rare occurrence in most of my games (actually, mounted anything is a rare occurrence). When I ran Age of Worms for the first time back in…2006, […]

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D&D Next: Concept Art

I noticed this thread on today, which linked to a DeviantArt account brimming with D&D Next concept art (looks like the artist’s actual site can be found here). A lot of it is stuff that we have already seen, but there are plenty of new things in there, too […]

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