Monthly Archives: June 2013

Aurora: The Wandering Empire

Long, long ago in the time before the Sundering, there were gods who held dominion over the celestial heavens and influenced the people of the Prime Materia through angelic servants and mortal clerics. The expansion of their sovereignty was held in check by the Primordials, ancient elemental beings with whom […]

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D&D Next: Drafting the Druid

I had a number of complaints regarding the druid just from reading it since its initial release—per day wildshaping and spells, and set-in-stone class features—but I figured that my criticisms would be more accurate and helpful if I saw it in action first. The characters in my Epiro campaign just hit […]

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Wandering Monsters: Bugs

In a game that combines owls and bears (among other things), where panthers can have tentacles and extra legs, and numerous creatures imitate mundane objects like cloaks, swords, pillows, floors, ceilings, and more, I am not only surprised that the major variable with vermin seems to be size, but also […]

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Legends & Lore: Downtime

Where the past few Legends & Lore articles have talked about existing game elements and the potential changes to them (that some are disappointed about not seeing in the most recent packet), this week we scratch the surface behind something completely new: downtime guidelines. The basics of the system are that […]

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