Monthly Archives: April 2014

Dungeon World: The Mummy (And Other Stuff)

First up, the mummy playbook is now available on Drivethrurpg. This was something Melissa was really keen on doing once we wrapped up our skeleton playbook, and after several bouts of playtesting and some excellent feedback we are pretty happy with the results: virtually unkillable, flexible curses, can vomit forth […]

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Requiem: Chords of Terra – Music of the Universe

This is the basic fluff for a campaign I am making. It is based on some texts I am reading on Musica Universalis which is an ancient philosophical concept that regards proportions in the movements of celestial bodies—the Sun, Moon, and planets—as a form of music. This setting draws inspiration from […]

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Realm Works Review

Shyeah, I’ll be the judge of that. In my 20 years or so of gaming in addition to foregoing organization entirely I have also tried using tools like good old-fashion Word documents, even olderer-fashioned paper and pencil, Google Docs, personal wiki software like WikidPad, and Obsidian Portal (since the necessary features […]

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