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Dungeon World: The Heart of Darkness

Cast Augustine (4th-level human paladin) Jaya (4th-level human bard) Kamon (3rd-level human wizard) Mouse (level 4 gnome thief) Wolf-Mouse loped outside, and was strangely pleased that he was immediately confronted by a wolf that was much larger than himself, almost the size of a horse, with arrows jutting from its […]

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Dungeon World: A Gnome in Wolf’s Clothing

Cast Augustine (3rd-level human paladin) Jaya (3rd-level human bard) Mouse (3rd-level gnome thief) Visete (3rd-level human wizard) As the night progressed Mouse found himself talking with the shadowy figure he had swapped poisons with a few hours ago. Despite being shadowy and a vendor of questionable items, he had a […]

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Recognition, Vindication, Liebsteration, Part 1

Last week Points of Light (that’s me!) got nominated for a Liebster Award by Dan and Sally’s Digital Domain. From what I can gather, the Liebster Award is a way to “throw a little recognition around”: you are supposed to participate by posting ten things about yourself, answer ten questions […]

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