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Card Wars Lite Review

If you watch Adventure Time by any means aside from Netflix then you have most likely already seen the episode Card Wars. If you like Adventure Time and for some reason have not, then you should really go watch it as it is pretty good. On the other hand if you do not […]

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Dungeon World: Down in the Deeps

Cast Augustine (5th-level human paladin) Jaya (5th-level human bard) Mouse (5th-level gnome thief) They had three choices: try to get as far away from Hell’s Arch and the Autumn Monarch’s army as possible, infiltrate the Autumn Monarch’s army and assassinate him (which, given that they were fey and all, chances […]

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One Man’s Treasure Is Another Man’s Garbage

5d4 kobolds were one dayaway from retirement. I have been meaning to write this for awhile now, and I figure what with 5th Edition more or less actually out, what better time? One of the big—some might say biggest—default motivations in Dungeons & Dragons is treasure. In older editions I guess […]

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Dungeon World: We Didn’t Start the Fire

Cast Augustine (4th-level human paladin) Jaya (5th-level human bard) Mouse (5th-level gnome thief) After spending about a half hour of surveying the sawmill, as best they could tell there were only a pair of elves situated inside, which meant that there were likely a lot more in hiding. Jacob’s armor-laden […]

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A Pirate’s Life in a Sundered World: Episode 102

Cast Amy “Albatross” Bolkey (1st-level female human pirate) Tibbs (male human first mate corpse) Celeste (female human helmsman) Crucible (kytheran engineer) Gol (kobold deckhand) Kolod (dwarf cook) The Black Devil arrived at the line coordinates that Lipless had provided. They shut down the collider, silently and slowly drifting about, using the […]

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