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Class Warfare Review

Class Warfare is a third-party Dungeon World book that is intended to help you make new classes. It does this by categorizing “specialties” like caver, devoted, blue mage, poisoner, and arsenal into a number of archetypes: the adventurer, disciple, magician, rogue, and warrior. You make a new class by choosing […]

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Dead Tree Treasures!

Since Drivethrurpg now allows publishers to bundle up print books, you can get physical (and digital) copies of both 10+ Treasures and 10+ Treasures: Volume II! Quick note: the reason why it shows doubles is that when I created the bundle it only let me choose between a pdf and softcover, and normally […]

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Fright Night: The Lost Child

Actors Casey and Rena, stars of a new paranormal investigation show Extras Sam, landowner Zeke, caretaker Stacy, reporter Joey, camera boy Establishing Shot We start with an overhead shot of the crumbling, abandoned estate that was once the Longsview Asylum for the Mentally Disturbed. Night is falling, and the long […]

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