Monthly Archives: March 2015

Giving the Immolator the Cold Shoulder

Sometime last August there was a charity that you could donate to in order to get early access to the immolator, a Dungeon World class made by the actual creators of Dungeon World. Sounds exciting, right?…right? I can’t find the link anymore, but it was yet another charity aimed solely at getting […]

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Dungeons & Delvers: A Very Tolkien-esque Playtest One-Shot

Cast Angus (1st-level dwarf fighter) Cassidy (1st-level human cleric) Gitta (1st-level kobold rogue) Cassidy and Gitta met up with Angus at Fry’s Watch, a halfling village a week’s trek from an ancient, ruined dwarven fortress. Angus was looking for adventurers interested in liberating the treasure of his ancestors from the […]

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Another Mythoard Semi-Exclusive Teaser

Last week I posted a teaser for Lichfield, a semi-exclusive, Silent Hill-esque adventure I’ve written for next month’s Mythoard box (semi-exclusive as in you’ll be able to pick it up separately in October). This week I figured I’d talk about some of its contents. The meat of the adventure runs about 30 […]

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The “Needs” of the Few

A while back someone made a post on Google+, asking why the rakshasa in Dungeons & Dragons has a tiger head. Though his family had come from India, he had not, and he even admitted to not having a meaningful education of Hindu mythology. I explained to him that not sticking to […]

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