Monthly Archives: May 2015

Dungeon World: The Bandit Formerly Known as Prince

Cast Azagin (2nd-level dwarf mutated battlemind) Paisley (2nd-level human bard) Sketch (2nd-level human thief) Summary The characters set out from Willowspear, following the sluggish, polluted Dunwater River as they traveled west. They were searching for an ancient, dwarven tablet that had been found at the river’s bank in Dunwater, and […]

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A Sundered World: Wandering Wyld & Elements of the Maelstrom

Today we’ve got another pair of art previews A Sundered World’s ten monster settings. First up, the chapter cover for the Elements of the Maelstrom: It depicts a battlemind confronting a salamander (mythological, not “D&D-ized”). I wanted to try an angle I really haven’t drawn before, as well as showcase the fact […]

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