Monthly Archives: July 2015

A Sundered World War: Episode 001

Cast Magnus (level 1 kobold warlock) Minu (level 1 cambion battlemind) Ryker Tideson (level scion 1 shaman) Yuurian (level 1 t’pual wizard) Summary The characters returned to the cloudfish hatchery with the water cores in hand. They met their contact Yorg, who told them that a tarchon scouting vessel had […]

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The Forgotten King: Goro’s Terrible Mushroom Garden

Heroes Bearstruck Berserker Survivor Marie-Claude Wyrm Claw Exemplar Tiles The Forgotten King Spawning Points Bramble Knight Fungal Growth (x2) Mini-Bosses Glimmerwing Trent Boss Goro Summary Wasn’t sure how well things were going to go down, given that all of us relied on STR, and it went…okay. Ish. Okay-ish. Unlike our previous […]

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A Sundered World: When The Players Declare War…

Our A Sundered World side-campaign has now turned into a war campaign. The players want to have it run somewhat parallel to our “normal” campaign, with the tarchons continuing to wage war on everyone else (they kind of drove them off before), probably due to infernal influence, and they have to somehow […]

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A Sundered World: Primordial Machine

During our Kickstarter campaign for A Sundered World, someone asked if we’d do a kind of promo adventure. Something that could help showcase the setting, and maybe even be run at GenCon. Whelp, here it is: Primordial Machine. It’s an introductory adventure set in A Sundered World, based off a playtest session […]

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