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A Sundered Fragment: More Character Stuff Preview

About a day after A Sundered World was released (as well as a pdf that just has the race and class stuff for people that just want the race and class stuff), we’d already begun working on the first supplement (along with a bunch of other stuff, as usual). Not sure what we’re […]

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4Ward/FrankenFourth: Return to Epiro One-Shot

Cast Ainslie (level 1 elf monk) Liander (level 1 elf hireling) Ruari (level 1 elf wizard) Summary The party arrived in the village of Sidon some three days after the murder of its previous ruler, Silas Kosta. His daugher Eleni had taken over, and put a bounty on the bandits […]

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4Ward/FrankenFourth: Age of Worms, Episode 103

Cast Adair (level 2 elf war cleric) Hedris (level 2 gluttonous cambion warlord) Humal (level 2 wrathful cambion wizard) Sumia (level 2 elf rogue) Summary While waiting for Humal and Sumia to recover from their injuries, the party decided to take it easy and gather some information about the rings […]

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Dungeons & Delvers: Bare-Bones Monsters

I know I’ve posted about monsters before, but that was over half a year ago and some things have changed. Let’s start with a run-of-the-mill skeleton: Attack 5Defense 7; 5 versus ReligionWounds 1Speed 2/6XP 1 Undead: Skeletons are immune to poisons, disease, and don’t need to eat, drink, breathe or sleep. They cannot be charmed […]

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4ward/FrankenFourth: Ability Scores

In Dungeons & Dragons, ability scores have always been numbers in the 3-18 range (before racial adjustments at any rate) that gave you other numbers. The “Easy to Master” black box, which I’m told is actually “The Classic D&D game”, which I guess was a replacement for the Basic Set, mostly provided […]

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DayTrippers: Game Master Guide Review

“I’m DayTripping,” I thought.”This can’t be real…” Floating in a Dali-inspired reconstruction of a Gernsback universe, surrounded by images arising from my own subconscious, I glanced around rapidly at a cast of colorful characters. All the Egyptian gods were there, thousands of miles tall. My brother, somehow back at home but […]

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