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Dungeons & Delvers: A Crawl Through a City in the Shadow of Death, Part 2

Picking things up where we left off, the adventurers have explored most of the dungeon’s 1st-level (though we won’t have time to finish it until after Christmas due to everyone being sick). Here’s the updated map: They’ve skipped a few rooms, but still found a bunch of treasure (gotta think of […]

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Dungeon World: The Gunner

The Gunner is locked and loaded. This flexible class not only lets you outfit a gunslinger-type character, but also lets you roll out something more akin to a gunner from Tera, or the heavy and sniper classes from Team Fortress 2. You choose how your gun was built (magic, flesh, or some sort of pseudo-science), how […]

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Dungeons & Delvers: A Crawl Through a City in the Shadow of Death

Previous sessions with our kids have been pretty simple, short crawls: they go into the dungeon, beat up everything, and then that’s that. We got a bunch of new Dwarven Forge sets in the mail, so I wanted to go all out and see how they fared against something more long-term […]

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4Ward/FrankenFourth: Keep on the Shadowfell, Episodes 2 & 3

Cast Belicose (2nd-level human wizard) Emery (2nd-level hearth kobold cleric) Murtaugh (2nd-level tarchon dragon sorcerer) Rig (2nd-level human warlord) (Abridged) Summary The party staked out the cave, and after several hours a group of orcs came out, dragging a bound and bloodied tarchon with them. They were preparing to perform […]

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4Ward/FrankenFourth: Age of Worms, Episode 104

Cast Adair (level 2 elf war cleric) Hedris (level 2 gluttonous cambion warlord) Humal (level 2 wrathful cambion wizard) Sumia (level 2 elf rogue) Summary The party continued investigating the observatory; four bedrooms, a handful of silver pieces, and an office later they found themselves in the dining hall. A […]

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A Sundered Fragment: More Character Stuff Preview 2

I mentioned in the first preview that one of the things we’re adding to A Sundered World (and Dungeon World by association) are moves that require both a specific race and class combination. I initially came up with this concept during one of our A Sundered World playtests a while back, pitching a move that […]

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