Class Compendium: Heroes of Sword and Spell Preview

November’s Ampersand opens up by reminding you to buy Beholder’s Collector Set before telling you what we already knew about the Character Builder going web-only, which is fine in case you’re the type of person that only goes to the D&D homepage to learn about the going-ons. The part that gets good […]

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Essential Fighter Preview

Well technically, its a knight. Shazbot mentioned that the podcast mentioned that the fighter knight wouldn’t get at-will exploits, but instead have abilities that would modify melee basic attacks, and from the looks of things thats true. The knight is proficient in every sort of armor out there (as opposed […]

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Essentials Preview

Finally, some information about what the fuck Essentials is all about. Reception is about what I’d predicted: trolls are crawling out of their bridges, and forums are blazing with excitement, trepidation, and people clamoring that its the second coming of another goddamn Half-Edition (even though none of the actual rules are […]

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The Essentials

This month’s Ampersand article discusses a ten-product lineup referred to as Essentials, italics and all. Its designed to be a kind of stepping-stone path that allows players completely new to D&D to gradually transition from barebones rules to a more comprehensive structure. My understanding is that it kind of worked […]

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Dragon 376: Ampersand

Oh, Dragon, how you have failed me. Ampersand and Editorial articles have, ironically, usually been the greatest source of joy for me when it comes to Dragon. Sure, the other articles are nice and all, but they often put in a lot of cool shit into the monthly openers. Until […]

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Ampersand: Domains and Divine Power

Domains were a mechanic in 3rd Edition that largely belonged to clerics and granted them even more additional powers keyed off of whatever type of flying spaghetti monster they chose to prostrate themselves before. 4th Edition retained a vestige of this system in the form of Channel Divinity feats that […]

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