antikytheras legion

A Sundered World: Primordial Machine

During our Kickstarter campaign for A Sundered World, someone asked if we’d do a kind of promo adventure. Something that could help showcase the setting, and maybe even be run at GenCon. Whelp, here it is: Primordial Machine. It’s an introductory adventure set in A Sundered World, based off a playtest session […]

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A Sundered World: The Antiquities of Antikythera

Back when I originally ran A Sundered World (using 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons of course), the first thing the characters encountered was a lone copper clockwork horror. Clockwork horrors were originally featured in 3rd Edition’s Monster Manual II, though there were only electrum, gold, platinum, and adamantine. I’d never used them […]

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