A Sundered World: A Massive Art Update

As A Sundered World nears completion, Melissa’s been hard at work for the past few days catching up on the art front. Note that this is just six out of some fifty that will be featured in the final book (which will all be made available in an art pack). Announcements We’ve […]

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A Sundered World: Devils & Spirits

Now that The Oni, art commissions for Mythic Mortals and an upcoming OSR adventure, and a semi-exclusive Dungeon World adventure are done, I’ve been able to get back to doing art for A Sundered World. List time I posted art it was for a couple of new monster settings (ie, a thematic grouping of monsters): […]

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Fright Night Art & Rules Update

It’s been several months since I talked about Fright Night. Ever since Melissa pushed me to start doing art myself for A Sundered World, we’ve decided against trying to Kickstart it again and just have me draw all of the five-ish pieces we were initially aiming for. Here’s the cover for the […]

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A Sundered World: Locations, Locations, Locations

Taking a break from the race art, here are some of the location pieces I’ve whipped up for A Sundered World: The skeletal remains of Bahamut are inhabited by clans of violent tarchons, great serpents, elephant-like creatures that bleed rubies, and more. This one is nearly done, I just need […]

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