Class Acts: Assassin

It has been awhile since the assassin got any support, and this article provides about two pages each of flavor and crunch content. While the black flame zealot was a prestige class in 3rd Edition Forgotten Realms, this article thankfully provides setting-neutral story information, in addition for some tips on […]

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Assassin: Executioner

The finalized, non-accidental executioner class is available for download. Having read over the class for like the third time I think, my original opinion still stands: I like it a lot more than the shadow-only assassin. This is based on the fact that when I compare them side by side, the […]

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Winning Races: Revenants

Unfortunately this Winning Races article isnt just for revenants, but revenant assassins, which isnt too strange seeing as both are DDI exclusive content and I can understand Wizards wanting to pimp both as much as possible. While it does provide about a half-page of fluff content for revenants, a few paragraphs […]

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Assassin Class and Assassin Feats

Awhile back, we got an assortment of assassin stuff in a Dragon article. It provided some thematic backgrounds, a shitload of feats, a few paragon paths, and a handful of tools like the garotte wire, blowgun, and crowbar. Most of the feats were Multiclass feats that made you really badass […]

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