Dungeon Worldbuilding

Melissa and I managed to get in a bi-weekly Dungeon World game. I’m playing a dwarf battlemind with the mutation background (he in infested with cosmic horrors), while Melissa is taking The Bard for a spin (and is currently enjoying it waaay more than the “official” one). We spent most of the session […]

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Erui, Episode 1: Edgewood

It has been a long time since we last visited Erui. This time I am taking a looser, more “sandboxy” approach as opposed to planning lots of stuff about. I spent a lot of time just drawing vague maps, creating factions with goals, and generally just giving myself and my […]

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Tenmei: Part 1

[[Random thoughts ahead.]] Though I enjoy Eberron quite a bit, I also like the idea of gradually biulding my own campaign setting, one point at a time. The first such area was Erui, a land infused with spirits and severed from the rest of the world by the World Serpent […]

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