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Boss Monster Review

After my disappointing romp through corn fields and across blue plains, I almost did not pick up Boss Monster, but I am sooo glad I did (and, in hindsight, I also regret missing the Kickstarter). First things first, the production value is awesome. I am not sure how you fuck up trying […]

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Card Wars Lite Review

If you watch Adventure Time by any means aside from Netflix then you have most likely already seen the episode Card Wars. If you like Adventure Time and for some reason have not, then you should really go watch it as it is pretty good. On the other hand if you do not […]

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Three-Dragon Ante Review

Me: Oooh, the Three-Dragon Ante expansion/stand-alone thingy is out! Everyone Else: What the fuck is Three-Dragon Ante? Three-Dragon Ante is one of a few attempts by WotC to invent card games that can be played independently of Dungeons & Dragons while at the same time being games that could feasibly exist in that world. […]

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