character builder

Random Character Flops

Almost two years ago, back when Dungeon Delve was released, a then friend of mine wanted to try running the level 30 delve to see what end-game was all about. I can’t remember if the offline Character Builder was out of Beta at this time, but after spending an hour or […]

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New Character Builder

I just spend about half an hour creating random characters with the refurbished, online-only Character Builder, and I have to say that I like it a lot more than the other one. Don’t Like Takes about as long to load as the other Character Builder (and the loading image is grainy). […]

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The Internet is All Gone?

Trawling the forums I found a thread questioning about whether or not people upset at Wizards of the Coast logically protecting their intellectual property from piracy–while at the same time making it easier to implement updates–by adopting an online-only model, would cause fans of 4th Edition to cancel their […]

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Web-Based Character Builder

Note: There’s apparently some confusion about my stance on the whole web-based direction that Wizards of the Coast is taking Character Builder. First, I don’t mind if it requires internet access. That’s a perfectly acceptable response to some fans’ stance of picking up a month of DDI a year, or every […]

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