Trick-or-Treat Sale: The Spider

Though The Ghost has departed, for the next four days you can snare The Spider at 15% off! From the original post: Dungeon World is filled with all manner of strange and horrible monsters: marauding orcs, moldering skeletons, shambling zombies, chimeric owlbears, sinister demons, towering giants, fire-breathing dragons, and more.Like spiders.No, not […]

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Dungeon World: Developing the Dragon

A few weeks ago Maria hit me up in chat, asking what I thought about making a dragon “class” for Dungeon World. My immediate thought was yeah I think that could work, which was quickly followed up with me throwing out some 16ish moves. Here’s more or less my thought […]

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Trick-or-Treat: The Oni

It’s that time again! Throughout October we’ll be randomly choosing a class, and for a random period of time knock 31% off of it’s selling price. First up is The Oni, a japanese demon that’s tough and strong, but can also turn invisible and change it’s shape, which is perfect for instilling terror […]

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Dungeon World: The Swordmage

The Swordmage is out (and has been added to the All of the Playbooks and Adventuring Party bundles). Though it draws some inspiration from the 4th Edition class of the same name, it is not a line-by-line conversion. It’s essentially fighter/wizard hybrid that uses their magic to make ranged attacks, bolster […]

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Dungeon World: The Druid

The Druid has been released into the wild! It has been added to the All of the Playbooks and Adventuring Party bundle, and we’ve also made a Wilderness Survival bundle, which includes 10+ Treasures: Wonders of the Wyld, The Bard, The Druid, The Spider, and The Witch. Like The Bard, this class […]

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