Delve Night: Psion Playtest

Josh came over at random today, and so it was declared after much Taco Bell that he run a delve for one of our neighbors (since apparently my neighbors are a collective of like-minded geeks) and myself. We ran Orc Fortress, the level 3 delve out of Dungeon Delve. The […]

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Monk Playtest

I decided to whip up a basic three-encounter delve to play through myself, just to see how well the monk holds up. Initially, it was just going to be a dwarf monk with a couple of healing potions. The name of the game wasnt survival so much as seeing how […]

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Delve Night At Knightfall Games

Red Jason, Adrian, and myself are heading down to Knightfall Games in a few hours to run a couple of low-level delves (1, 2 and mebbe 3). If you’re interested and happen to live anywhere close, feel free to stop by to play or just observe (we’re easy like Sunday). […]

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Delve: Coppernight Hold

Since Red Jason was out sick and our DM for the night, Adrian decided to run a level 1 delve out of Dungeon Delve, which allowed us to give the PH2 classes a spin. There were only three players, and as in many cases I was called upon to perform […]

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