A Sundered World: When The Players Declare War…

Our A Sundered World side-campaign has now turned into a war campaign. The players want to have it run somewhat parallel to our “normal” campaign, with the tarchons continuing to wage war on everyone else (they kind of drove them off before), probably due to infernal influence, and they have to somehow […]

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A Sundered World: Devils & Spirits

Now that The Oni, art commissions for Mythic Mortals and an upcoming OSR adventure, and a semi-exclusive Dungeon World adventure are done, I’ve been able to get back to doing art for A Sundered World. List time I posted art it was for a couple of new monster settings (ie, a thematic grouping of monsters): […]

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Demons & Devils

HordelingsHordelings were first featured in Book of Vile Darkness, presented as a Gargantuan swarm that could spawn 1-4 minion brutes once per round when it got hit. This article adds the greater hordeling, which is more in line with what I remember from Planescape–and possibly 3rd Edition, I honestly don’t […]

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