divine power

Divine Power: Rituals

Looks like there will be eight new rituals in Divine Power. The one that interests me the most is Create Holy Water. Its only level 1 and probably will do wonders against undead and likely evil-aligned immortals. Not much of note, though they do preview one of the rituals. Adjure […]

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Excerpt: Favored Soul

You can finally download the article. The favored soul is an avenger paragon path that basically turns you into an angel as you level up. You gain wings at level 16, which is the highlight of the class and starts to set the benchmark for a static flight speed. You […]

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Ampersand: Domains and Divine Power

Domains were a mechanic in 3rd Edition that largely belonged to clerics and granted them even more additional powers keyed off of whatever type of flying spaghetti monster they chose to prostrate themselves before. 4th Edition retained a vestige of this system in the form of Channel Divinity feats that […]

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