A Sundered World: More Character Stuff Preview 7

Dwarves are one of the more “normal” races in A Sundered World: they’re pretty much like what you’d expect of a dwarf in other games/settings, except that as they age they begin to slowly turn to stone (“returning to stone”), and they completely turn to stone when they die. Case […]

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A Sundered World: Locations, Locations, Locations

Taking a break from the race art, here are some of the location pieces I’ve whipped up for A Sundered World: The skeletal remains of Bahamut are inhabited by clans of violent tarchons, great serpents, elephant-like creatures that bleed rubies, and more. This one is nearly done, I just need […]

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Character Concepts: Dwarf Monk

Here is the character summary for Fyst, which I used during a delve playtest with an all-striker party. Masterful spiral increases the range of touch attacks, so I made sure to give him an at-will that has a range of touch (dragon’s tail) for some nifty synergy. Otherwise, not much […]

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Homebrew: More Dwarves

Often before Red Jason runs a game, he asks for some advice on how to shake up or add variety to encounters. Often it calls for adding some nifty terrain features or making the encounter areas larger, but sometimes it just needs something new. So, here are a couple of […]

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