Ecology of the Banderhoob

Aside from the articles on hengeyokai and ninjas, Ecology of the Banderhobb (and its accompanying Design & Development article) is my favorite article of the month, and I do not even plan on using these things for quite some time. Not because they are “officially” pegged as paragon-tier threats mind you–I can just […]

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Ecology of the Mithral Dragon

You can finally view Ecology of the Mithral Dragon. It expands on the information in Draconomicon 2 in addition to a page of monster-theme power swaps (page 9) and a sample lair. Personally the theme powers is the best part. The rest ranges from “meh” to “somewhat interesting”. Nothing more […]

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Review: Ecology of the Rust Monster

Probably the most controversial monster since the release of Monster Manual 2, the rust monster gets its very own Ecology article. It goes through the history, touching on origins that ranged from a wizard to natural evolution, then moves on to physiology (they might be mammals!) and habitat. In addition […]

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Review: Ecology of the Deva

The deva was, until very recently, my most disliked race from Player’s Handbook 2. I never really got into the whole aasimar bit in 3rd Edition, preferring tieflings for my gimped planetouched of choice. The art for devas seemed pretty meh, and likewise their racial features didnt do much to […]

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Ecology of the Sharn

A fairly spartan Friday, but at least its an interesting update. Sharns originated in 2nd Edition, but I never got exposed to them until 3rd Edition when people started abusing Polymorph effects in order to try and get ludicrous amounts of melee attacks, all the while ignoring the very obvious […]

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