A Sundered World: More Character Stuff Preview 9

In A Sundered World, some races have a fixed race move, like the kytheran’s made, not born, and the tarchon’s call of battle. Others let you choose from a handful, namely the cambion (you pick a sin) and ishim (you pick a domain). Elves were in the former camp, but […]

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Neria, Elf Pursuing Avenger

Was trying to make a tiefling avenger that I’d actually wanna play, and decided on an Eberron elf avenger that would be tasked by the Undying Council to go do shit on Khorvaire. Neria, level 1Elf, AvengerAvenger’s Censure: Censure of PursuitBackground: Aerenal (+2 to Religion) FINAL ABILITY SCORESStr 11, Con […]

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Winning Races: Dusk Elf

So…yeah. I hope that this isnt going to be a trend. I didnt care for the 30+ elf subraces in 3rd Edition, and I somehow dont think that 4E will make it any better. Dusk elves are elves that have the Dusk Elf Stealth feat. Apparently this makes you pale, […]

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