4Ward/FrankenFourth: Return to Epiro One-Shot

Cast Ainslie (level 1 elf monk) Liander (level 1 elf hireling) Ruari (level 1 elf wizard) Summary The party arrived in the village of Sidon some three days after the murder of its previous ruler, Silas Kosta. His daugher Eleni had taken over, and put a bounty on the bandits […]

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Epiro: Episode 113

Cast Atticus (elf predator druid 6) Iola (wood elf centered breath monk 6) Nero (human evoker/pyromancer mage 6) Perseus (human Chaladin 6) Thoros (gnome artful dodger rogue 6) Zeus was down and an elemental-flanked cultist was preparing to finish him off with a black sword, while another presumed cultist sat […]

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Epiro: Episode 109

Sometimes you can judge a book by itscover. Its terrible, scarred, vicious cover. Cast  Corvus (human ranger 4) Iola (wood elf monk 4) Perseus (human paladin 4) Yllian (high elf wizard 4) Josh’s Human Wizard (human wizard 4) After an almost two-month long hiatus—mostly due to conflicting schedules—we finally managed to […]

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Epiro: Episode 107

Cast Atticus, formerly known as the Randy (wood elf druid 3) Corvus (human ranger 3) Iola (wood elf monk 3) Perseus (human paladin 3) Yllian (high elf wizard 3) After the earthquake subsided the characters that were not already outside got up to survey the damage, along with the rest […]

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