Meet the Templar

I really can not remember the last time I saw the vocal minority so united, this time against the Essentialized writeup of the cleric. To put it mildly, you got people wondering what is wrong with R&D and/or if anyone at Wizards of the Coast has ever played a cleric before. Some […]

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Thanks to the Essentials line (specifically Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms) there’s two pages of errata listing changes made to various other books. A good chunk of it is for the races making re-appearances, but a few magic items and some rituals also get modification. Much of the racial information is simply […]

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July Rules Updates

Thats…a lot of changes, and not simple ones, either. For starters, magic missile now always hits but deals less than half damage than before, dispel magic becomes an encounter spell, and lead the attack only lasts a turn even if you hit. And thats just a few of the changes out […]

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