Earth, Horses, and Monkies

The earth domain gives warpriests a third option that emphasizes protecting allies and applying your Constitution modifier to kicker effects, such as bonus damage and forced movement. It runs the entire thirty level stretch, but seems somewhat limited in scope, since there aren’t a lot of gods that involve themselves […]

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Class Acts: Ranger

I guess its out earlyish? Maybe you can still get it before its fixed. First things first, the header on the article says “Class Acts: Invoker“. Just a typo, and really…fuck it: the rest is undiluted awesome. The exploits are all weapon-ranged, giving them lots of utility while pimping some […]

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Class Acts: The Duelist Rogue

I’m of the mind that the rogue already heavily supported the concept of a dashing swordsman (especially since Artful Dodger let you add your Charisma mod to a lot of shit), but today’s class acts article delivers some more swashbuckling goodness to the game in the form of a few […]

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Power Play: Martial

One of the new mechanics from Player’s Handbook 3 is powers that have skills as prerequisites. I think this is a great idea, since it helps encourage certain skill choices while also making them useful to a class that might not get much mileage out of it. Power Play: Martial […]

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