Winning Races: Eladrin

Beyond the Spiral Tower is a four-page article that provides a quartet of feats for unorthodox eladrin that want more support for arcane classes that aren’t wizard–specifically artificers and warlocks–since as it stands they have two feats for artificers and jack shit for warlocks (note that I’m only counting heroic feats […]

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Dragon: Familiars by Artifice

Just in case you play D&D in several temporal dimensions at the same time, and managed to play out all of the existing familiar options, Wizards has seen fit to push out another article chock full of the Tiny bastards. Its primarily geared towards Eberron, but you can use them […]

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People Actually Hate Familiars?

Clearly, some people are not satisfied with familiars. The OP on the thread doesnt like them because he thinks they are somehow too…weak? I’m sorry, but this is bullshit. In 3rd Edition, familiars had half as many hit points as the master did, rounded down. A level 1 wizard probably […]

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Dragon: Get Familiar

This. Is. Awesome. Before Arcane Power is even out, we get a slew of new familiars for all tiers: 13 for Heroic, 14 for Paragon, and 4 for Epic. There’s a section on choosing a familiar based on your personality, class, or spell style, personalities and quirks given for each […]

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