Fighting The Good Fight

Fighters are a tricky business. I remember in older editions (ie, 2nd and 3rd Edition) it was the go-to class for the new guy, a kind of simplistic training-wheels archetype that let you get your game on and pick up the rules as you go. 4th Edition gave it a […]

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Class Compendium: Heroes of Sword and Spell Preview

November’s Ampersand opens up by reminding you to buy Beholder’s Collector Set before telling you what we already knew about the Character Builder going web-only, which is fine in case you’re the type of person that only goes to the D&D homepage to learn about the going-ons. The part that gets good […]

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Essential Fighter Preview

Well technically, its a knight. Shazbot mentioned that the podcast mentioned that the fighter knight wouldn’t get at-will exploits, but instead have abilities that would modify melee basic attacks, and from the looks of things thats true. The knight is proficient in every sort of armor out there (as opposed […]

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Class Acts: Fighters

Shield fighters just got a looot more interesting. For starters, they get 13 new exploits that all demand the use of a shield. Each attack is basically a shield slam in various flavors, often invoking some form of forced movement, but there is a healthy variety of interrupt and reaction […]

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