forgotten realms

Feywild Themes

I am really pleased with the timing of the recent Feywild love, because my group has pressed me into re-visting Erui, a homebrew campaign that I ran and shelved over a year ago. The first article is really in name only intended for the Moonshaes, a region in Forgotten Realms (which […]

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Neverwinter Campaign Setting Review

Do not worry: that dracolich isonly a Heroic-tier threat. Neverwinter Campaign Setting is a 222-page hardcover that takes a close look at Neverwinter–which I guess is one of the more noteworthy regions in the Forgotten Realms–providing you with a heap of information with a focus on Heroic-tier campaigns. Before I get […]

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Gamer’s Library: Mistshore

One of the best things about reading a fantasy novel is being able to take the best parts of a book, whatever they may be, from imaginative plot ideas to fascinating locations, and introducing them into your own D&D games. Mistshore, written by Jaleigh Johnson, is the second installment of […]

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