fortune cards

Neverwinter Fortune Cards

I got in a booster box of Neverwinter Fortune Cards, which equates to a grand total of ninety-six cards. I picked up a hefty chunk of Fortune Cards back when the first set was released, and though I tried to get my group into them they often forgot they had them. This […]

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Fortune Card Impressions

At a glance the cards seem like a way for characters to largely gain buffs of varying degrees of power, at no cost to the character(the player gets to foot the bill). Many bonuses are highly situational, while others require a die roll to see if they work in your […]

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Fortune Cards

Hot on the heels of Gamma World‘s randomized card mechanic is another randomized card mechanic, this time for Dungeons & Dragons: Fortune Cards. Based on the little information that there is, Fortune Cards seem to function a lot like Alpha Mutation and Omega Tech cards: you draw one at the start of an […]

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