The Ease of Essentials

Designing a class or sub-class with pre-specified class features and/or powers, aka “Essentials-style”, is easier than one without because there are often fewer choices to make throughout your career. For example a fighter gets to pick at least four exploits at 1st-level, one at 2nd, and so on and so forth […]

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Dragon 400’s Table of Contents

June’s issue of Dragon looks densely packed; scoundrel, hybrid, and multiclass playtests, shadow themes, shadow-themed Bazaar of the Bizarre, an article on the Iron Wolf barbarians (with their own theme), Strength-based cleric options, and a bunch of articles from past issues of Dragon, such as Dragonchess, kobolds, and the jester. Personally I’m […]

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4th Edition and Customization

Perusing the forums for topics of worth, I found a thread concerning D&D and customization. The OP is apparently upset because he thinks there is a lack of versatility in the game, and gives us an opening example of an evil cleric: if you play an evil cleric in […]

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