fright night

Fright Night Art & Rules Update

It’s been several months since I talked about Fright Night. Ever since Melissa pushed me to start doing art myself for A Sundered World, we’ve decided against trying to Kickstart it again and just have me draw all of the five-ish pieces we were initially aiming for. Here’s the cover for the […]

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Fright Night: The Lost Child

Actors Casey and Rena, stars of a new paranormal investigation show Extras Sam, landowner Zeke, caretaker Stacy, reporter Joey, camera boy Establishing Shot We start with an overhead shot of the crumbling, abandoned estate that was once the Longsview Asylum for the Mentally Disturbed. Night is falling, and the long […]

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Fright Night: Alpha Release

Back in April I posted a play report for Fright Night, a game that Ben, Melissa, and I were working on. The game is intended to evoke the feel of horror movies, character generation is a breeze, the mechanics are simple, and both the “monster” and a lot of the story […]

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