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FrankenFourth: Scrolls & Spellbooks

Normally in Dungeons & Dragons and Dungeons & Dragon-ish games, scrolls are both a common treasure and disintegrate after use (or the writing fades). They’re basically a way for you to spend time and maybe money to eke out a few extra spells, either for emergency purposes or because come on […]

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Dungeon World: Developing the Dragon

A few weeks ago Maria hit me up in chat, asking what I thought about making a dragon “class” for Dungeon World. My immediate thought was yeah I think that could work, which was quickly followed up with me throwing out some 16ish moves. Here’s more or less my thought […]

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Dungeons & Delvers: Playtest Adventure Update

We’ve updated the Dungeons & Delvers public playtest adventure with the rules changes mentioned in this post and also this post. From the original post: It’s one part hexcrawl, two parts dungeon crawl, and there are four pregen characters in the back; a future release will provide rules for actual character generation […]

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Dungeons & Delvers Cover

Melissa finished coloring the cover for Dungeons & Delvers (though I’ll probably add some more linework), so now I got a neater image to use for blog posts, the community, and most importantly the actual game. Let us know what you think. Why frog-man? Because people demanded frog-man, I guess based […]

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Bare-Bones Backgrounds

In the rare instance that I actually get to play a role-playing game, for several reasons I usually don’t bother with a “deep” backstory, if I even consider a backstory at all. First, there’s the whole character death thing. I know certain groups of people loathe the idea of their excessively […]

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