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Gamer’s Library: Mistshore

One of the best things about reading a fantasy novel is being able to take the best parts of a book, whatever they may be, from imaginative plot ideas to fascinating locations, and introducing them into your own D&D games. Mistshore, written by Jaleigh Johnson, is the second installment of […]

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Gamer’s Library: Black Crusade

Just a heads up to anyone who hasn’t had a chance to sit down and check out Ari Marmell’s serialized Ravenloft tale Black Crusade, featured part-by-part every Friday on DDI. There’s also an ongoing discussion of Black Crusade happening here. Prologue Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part […]

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Gamer’s Library: The Prism Pentad

The re-release of The Obsidian Oracle next month by Wizards of the Coast marks the re-release of the fourth of the five books which make up the Prism Pentad. Set in the Dark Sun campaign setting, this series kicks off some important events in the world of Athas, most notably […]

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